Rethymno Carnival 2017

The Carnival celebration ends with the Ash Monday on the 27th of February. The Greeks leave behind every sinful attitude and non-fasting foods to prepare their bodies and souls for the Orthodox Easter. On Ash Monday we throw the traditional “Koulouma” based on the Greek Orthodox monks diet, a festive with vegetarian delicatessens offered in every village and in the town. Been soup, “lagana” bread and desert “Halvas” are the dishes of the day that you have to taste. Join us during our Carnival... διαβάστε περισσότερα

Military Museum, Chromonastiri

Chromonastiri is a traditional village built at the foot of Mount Vrysinas, 11 km SE of the town of Rethymno. The building that houses the Military Museum in Chromonastiri is of particular historical and architectural interest being a Venetian mansion – the so-called Villa Clodio – built in 1610 as the summer residence of a Venetian noble family. Villa Clodio maintains architectural characteristics of both the Venetian and the later Ottoman period such as a Venetian coat of arms of “Clodio”... διαβάστε περισσότερα