Delfini Beach

Dolphin beach is located 11 km from the capital of the island, North from the village of Kini and it is an ideal choice for those who want to avoid the winds and enjoy their swim with all comforts available. Bathers can relax on sun loungers under the shade of an umbrella or enjoy unique specialties in the nearby taverns overlooking the enchanting landscape. One can reach the beach by following the road to Kini and then continue on the coastal road or by sea with a private boat. Source: [vc_row][vc_column][ivi_nbcaj... διαβάστε περισσότερα

Kokkina Beach

Kokina is a secluded beach opposite to Psathonisi, sheltered from the winds 1.5 km away from the beach of Foinikas. This is a narrow unorganized beach with sand, red pebbles and tamarisk trees offering shade to bathers. The beach can be visited only with a private car from a dirt road and visitors are advised to bring along all the necessary supplies for a day on the beach. Source: [vc_row][vc_column][ivi_nbcaj layout="5" viewas="list" cat_id="Syros" animation="fadeInRight"... διαβάστε περισσότερα

Kini Beach

Kini beach is situated 10 km away from the island’s capital and is well organized with umbrellas and sunbeds offering bathers all comforts for a relaxing day on the beach. Its privileged elevated position enables guests to enjoy the most spectacular views of the sunset before an exquisite meal at one of the taverns of the village. From Kini, visitors can hire a boat to the secluded beaches of the island and the nearby islets. Kini can be accessed either by a private vehicle or by bus and also by private... διαβάστε περισσότερα

Komito Beach

Komito is a beautiful beach in the southwest of the island on the way to Posidonia chosen by travelers for its golden sand, its crystal clear waters as well as the umbrellas and beach bar offering a refreshing escape for the thirsty bathers. ust 1 km from Posidonia and 15 km from Ermoupoli, Komito beach is a favorite destination for those looking for an oasis of relaxation, for those hot summer days. The privileged location of the beach allows guests to swim in turquoise waters and enjoy their... διαβάστε περισσότερα

Lia Beach

Lia beach is located in Aetos Bay in the northwestern part of the island and it is accessible by boat from Kini or through a trail that begins from the Kampos region in Apano Meria. It is situated about 50 minutes away from the beach. It is situated about 50 minutes away from the beach. Lia is available for travelers who wish to enjoy the tranquility of the island, dive in the clear blue waters and relax under the trees overlooking the azure and the rock of Grammata. Source: [vc_row][vc_column][ivi_nbcaj... διαβάστε περισσότερα

Lotos Beach

Lotus beach is located on the Western part of Syros, almost next to Kini, it is sheltered from the winds and offers blue waters for endless swims, a tavern where bathers can try delicacies after bathing and a parking area for their cars. Following the road to Kini there is a sign on the left hand side for Lotos while if going through Kini beach one can follow the coastal road to the left and reach its destination. Source: [vc_row][vc_column][ivi_nbcaj layout="5" viewas="list"... διαβάστε περισσότερα

Marmari Beach

Marmari is a secluded, sandy and almost private beach in Ano Meria that can be visited only by hiking, private boat or with a boat from Kini. This unorganized beach allows bathers to relax away from the crowds and enjoy hours of complete relaxation. Source: [vc_row][vc_column][ivi_nbcaj layout="5" viewas="list" cat_id="Syros" animation="fadeInRight" title="Posts about Syros" cmlabel="read more" perpage="6" count="1000" titlenght="40" introlenght="400" categorie_slug="syros"][/vc_column][/vc_row] διαβάστε περισσότερα

Megas Gialos Beach

The sandy beach of Megas Gialos is one of the largest beaches of the island and it is located in the south, only 12 km from Ermoupoli. It is favored by many as it offers easy access, protection from the winds, some tourist facilities and crystal-clear waters. Its privileged location in front of the homonymous settlement enables visitors to walk in the picturesque streets of the area, visit the chapel of St. Anthony and relax while drinking their coffee or enjoying local dishes in nearby taverns.... διαβάστε περισσότερα

Agia Pakou

The Catholic Chapel of Agia Pakou, dominates on the top of the Hill of Galissas. It is a very picturesque chapel that seems to be hovering amidst the colours of the sky and sea, the white and the blue while offering magnificent views to the azure Aegean Sea and the sunset. Access to the chapel is difficult through a rough path and a small flight of stairs. However the magnificent panoramic view will surely reward the visitor. Source: [vc_row][vc_column][ivi_nbcaj layout="5"... διαβάστε περισσότερα

Agia Paraskevi

Agia Paraskevi was built in 1600 in Alithini and belongs to the shipowner Athanasio Martino. This is a private church with a dome built in Byzantine style that was reconstructed and expanded in 1873. Located in a perfect location the church offers magnificent views to the island’s harbor as well as the Cyclades. Under the church there is a smaller Temple, the temple of all Saints hosting the bones of victims from the ship that was lost in the fire of 1876. Agia Paraskevi is commemorated on July... διαβάστε περισσότερα