Rhodes Marina

An elegant community near the medieval town of Rhodes, and one of the most attractive locations on the island.

Rhodes Marina is located at the island of Rhodes, next to the island’s Central Port and only 14 km away from the Rhodes International Airport. The island of Rhodes is situated in the South Eastern part of the Aegean Sea some 260 nautical miles from Piraeus and approximately 10 nautical miles southwest of Turkey.

The marina features approximately 400 berths and accommodates a wide range of yachts from 30ft to 200ft and could host a boat up to 360ft. An extended fibber optic network provides each berth with TV, telephone, internet and remote control monitoring of electrical and water consumption. All the Marina Area is covered with wifi Internet. Also, Fibre Optic Internet and cable connection to satellite and terrestrial TV. Security is provided through the use of a CCTV system.

Most of the docking area is also protected through an access control system.


  • 400 berths
  • Refuelling Station with a capacity of 240 cubic metres
  • 5 Waste and bilge water collection stations
  • A surrounding area of 90.000 square metres which includes a waterfront, green spaces and gardens etc
  • An infrastructure network providing basic services (electricity, water, electronic devices, telecommunications, security, etc.)
  • Telecommunications network (wired, wireless, fibre optics, etc.)
  • FTTB – Fibre-optic network with direct connection berth terminals
  • VIP cameras
  • Water supply network
  • Electricity supply
  • Television
  • BMS – Buildings Management System
  • CCTV – Close circuit television covering all areas of the marina
  • PA (Public Address) and Audio Visual information systems
  • Lighting network
  • Controlled access network
  • SCADA – supervisory control and data acquisition system
  • Fire fighting & fire safety network
  • Network of thermal imaging cameras and underwater cameras
  • Administration Building
  • Central entrance guard building and Emergency entrance guard building
  • Public Services (customs, Port Authority Station and Police Station etc.)
  • 3 laundries with showers and toilets
  • Commercial buildings 4.700,00 square metres (Duty free shop, bank branch, café, restaurant, super market, refuelling building, etc.)
  • Outlets for Vessel maintenance agencies
  • Travel lift and dry docking

Marina’s Website: www.rhodesmarinas.com

Source: www.greek-marinas.gr

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