Chestnut Festival – Kastanitsa, Arcadia

Every October the village of Kastanitsa, Arcadia, organizes the famous Chestnut Festival, which aims to bring out this product, with its great nutritional value and multiple commercial capabilities.The custom of celebrating the chestnut began in 1983 and has been taking place every year since then. The celebrations include, of course, the preparation and tasting of dishes based on the chestnut, and also traditional dancing, various exhibitions and informative talks regarding the chestnut, as well... διαβάστε περισσότερα

The Wine Routes

The Peloponnese undeniably holds one of the leading positions in terms of wine production in Greece. It’s no coincidence nor a surprise that many of the most domestically and internationally popular wine varieties have their origins in the Peloponnese (the island of Pelops or ampeloessa, according to Homer), since this geographical district has a production of approximately 1,208 labels and a total vine area that covers 29.1% of the Greek wine map. The Wine Producers Association of the Peloponnese,... διαβάστε περισσότερα

The Festival of Tsakonia

The Festival of Tsakonia took place for the first time during the summer of 2011 in Leonidi, in the prefecture of Arcadia, under the auspices of the municipality of South Kynouria. Also known as “Melijazz”, it combines the unique culinary traditions of Tsakonia with musical sounds from around the Mediterranean. Aubergine is the star of the local cuisine and is used in various recipes, creating unprecedented taste sensations. Jazz, ethnic and Latin music complement the festive ambiance in the traditional,... διαβάστε περισσότερα

Fishermen’s Festival (Clean Monday)

On the hill of Hermione, you can celebrate in a unique way the beginning of Lent with the famous “Fishermen’s Festival”. Here you will find sea food and various fasting delicacies, accompanied by local sweet wine in a folklore celebration. Source: [vc_row][vc_column][ivi_nbcaj layout="5" viewas="list" cat_id="Argolida" animation="fadeInRight" title="Posts for Argolida" cmlabel="read more" perpage="6" count="6" titlenght="40" introlenght="400" categorie_slug="argolida"][/vc_column][/vc_row] διαβάστε περισσότερα

Fishermen’s Festival at the village Kilada

At Kilada village in the Municipality of Hermione, the “Fishermen’s Festival” in mid-August has been organized for decades. Come and try fresh fish and sea food fished by the local experts in fishing and revel in a celebration with music until dawn. The well-organized event along with the hospitable inhabitants will be the reason for you to come to Kilada every August! Source: [vc_row][vc_column][ivi_nbcaj layout="5" viewas="list" cat_id="Argolida" animation="fadeInRight"... διαβάστε περισσότερα

Wine and Harvest Festival

If you love good wine, you should join us for the famous “Wine and Harvest Festival” in the beginning of September. It takes place at Heliokastro in the Municipality of Hermione and at Maladreni in the Municipality of Argos. Glasses full of wine, music, dancing. Source: [vc_row][vc_column][ivi_nbcaj layout="5" viewas="list" cat_id="Argolida" animation="fadeInRight" title="Posts for Argolida" cmlabel="read more" perpage="6" count="6" titlenght="40" introlenght="400"... διαβάστε περισσότερα

Olive and Olive Oil Festival

Three days festival dedicated to the laconic olive oil and the edible olive, takes places every August in Sellasia of the Municipality of Sparta. In this festival various producers with their own pavilions take part, but also production firms of the prefecture in order to highlight and promote the laconic olive oil. The exhibition is organized by the Municipality of Sparta and the non-profit organization “Olive and Olive Oil Festival”. It includes various cultural events, like tributes, product... διαβάστε περισσότερα