Liar Wanted by Dimitris Psathas

Liar Wanted by Dimitris Psathas

 brought to you by THEATRIKES SKINES and Petros Zoulias 

from 15 MARCH



THEATRIKES SKINES SA offer the opportunity to all foreign visitors and residents of Athens as well as theater-lovers with hearing difficulties to watch the performances at PALLAS Theater.

In Athens, a city rightly described as the theatrical capital, with more than 1,500 theatrical performances per year, theater must be a choice for all, including the foreign-language audience, especially when it comes to Athens’ most central theater.

Therefore, performances at PALLAS Theater will be from now on presented with English Surtitles which will always be treated with respect for the artists and the public in a professional translation, fine tuning and will be distinct and easy to read.

Surtitles will also appear in Greek so that our fellow humans with hearing difficulties can enjoy the show as well.

  • Surtitles are in English and Greek. Recommended seats are the ones in the last rows of the stalls (below 10th row) and in the dress and upper circle.
  • Surtitles are available for the main evening show of PALLAS Theater (Wednesday to Sunday)

Dimitris Psathas’ celebrated political satire Liar Wanted looks at politicians’ relationships with the clients who vote them into power. Translated into multiple languages and performed in numerous countries around the world, a new production of Liar Wanted is coming to the Pallas Theatre on 15 March 2019.

Needless to say, its subject-matter—lying in politics—is as relevant today as it ever was. Thodoros Silvertongue, or Thodoros the Liar (played by Alexis Georgoulis) declares himself a professional liar and leaves his village for Athens and a job in which he can put his talents to good use. A chance quarrel and a punch landed on a fellow passenger on the tram—his boss-to-be Ferekis, a Member of Parliament (played by Giorgos Partsalakis)—will clear the way for a brilliant career as the MP’s private secretary; a career founded in the brazen, blatant lies he comes up with to justify his employer’s failure to deliver on the promises he made his angry voters before the elections. Thodoros the Liar undertakes to take care of all his master’s problems with ministries, prisons, unions and… cabaret artistes, and in record time. But his successful career as a very special secretary brings him into conflict with the MP’s wife, the lovely Jenny (Natalia Dragoumi). Can he succeed against such a powerful opponent? That will depend on Agis (Argyris Angelou) and the sexy Pitsa Kitsa (Apostolia Zoi in her first theatrical role), the nightclub singer who has captivated the entire male population of the capital!

Liar Wanted examines one of our species’ most obvious characteristics: our talent for blocking out and embroidering reality. Thodoros the Liar represents escape from an ugly and miserable reality. The flight from harsh truth to hope and dreams. He needs to believe that, dirt poor as he is, he will one day be rich. His survival instincts are strong. He is the provincial who, unable to make ends meets back home, packs up his bag and moves to Athens to seek his fortune; to become someone. To do that, Thodoros needs to keep the dream alive inside. It’s the only way he can make his lies come true and make it through difficult times.

Wanted Liar is a timeless work which has as much to say today as it did when it was written. It should come as no surprise that it has played to packed houses and rave reviews in the US, Canada, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and Romania. For it is a powerful, universal work.


Thursday:            21:00

Friday:                  21:00

Saturday:             18:00, 21:00

Sunday:                19:00

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