Curative Natural Resource Agkistro

Agkistro village is built on the Greek- Bulgarian borders, east of the valley of Strymonas. It is an exceptional alternating scenery, serene with lush vegetation and ideal climate conditions. During the reign of Filippos 2nd of Macedonia (4th century B.C.), mines of iron and gold operated in the Agkistro mountain, which along with Paggaio, funded the Alexander ‘s the Great Panhellenic campaign to Asia against the Persians. The hot springs of Agkistro have always been visited by people throughout... διαβάστε περισσότερα

Curative Natural Resource Sidirokastro

The curative baths are located seven kilometers west from the city of Sidirokastro. The curative springs are known from byzantine times, but the old facilities were ruined during the Balkan wars. In this area one may combine the care of one’s health with a visit to the byzantine castle, Kerkini lake, Rupel fortress and the bridge of the Strimona river where Hercules completed the feat with “Gironi’s oxen”. Curative Water The temperature of the water is 43, 7- 55ο C Characterisation:... διαβάστε περισσότερα