Morning shopping in the centre of the cities, a midday meal, a walk and coffee drinking in the afternoon, evening entertainment…

Ingredients of a trip to the cities of Greece.

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  • Jun 26,2019

A well-kept secret lies inside the secret facilities at the heart of Silk City. The people are starting to ask questions. Something’s not right about this building. For years, all they would see were strange, secretive human figures, meeting with the scientist who had made this building his permanent... read more

The Museum of Illusions in Athens

  • May 31,2019

If a picture is worth a thousand words, be sure that an illusion hides more than a million Enter the fascinating world of illusions which will trick your confidence in senses, but amaze you by doing it; the world that will confuse you completely, but also educate you… Visit us and you will be thrilled... read more

Ο Μίλτος Πασχαλίδης έχει...

  • Jun 2,2017

Τη φετινή σεζόν στο θέατρο Βράχων ανοίγει η μεγάλη συναυλία του Μίλτου Πασχαλίδη (στις 7/6 ). Για πάνω από 20 χρόνια ο Μιλτιάδης βάζει την προσωπική του τραγουδοποιητική... read more


  • Nov 17,2016

Any place in Crete is sure to fascinate visitors. The island is reputed for its amazing mosaic of landscapes – each one, however, retaining its own character, its own identity and beauty. The eastern part of Lassithi is considered to be the low-key aspect of Crete, one of peace, quiet, things being... read more

6 μπάρες σε Christmas mood

  • Dec 15,2016

Με εποχικές λίστες που επινοούν κάθε πιθανό λογοπαίγνιο ανακατεύοντας χριστουγεννιάτικες λέξεις και κλασικές ονομασίες cocktails, έξτρα προσπάθεια στη διακόσμηση,... read more

The Old Market of Komotini

  • Sep 12,2016

The old market of Komotini presents a special interest. Bounded by the roads Orpheos, Syntagmatos Kritwn, Vas.Pavloy, Pl. Ifaistou, Kanari, Kilkis, Androutsou, Gravia, Xenophontos and Venizelou. The market dates back to the Ottoman era, and is included in a Hippodameios planning system with small... read more

Entertainment in Syros

  • Sep 1,2016

The cosmopolitan island of Syros is a picturesque island offering various choices of entertainment for all tastes and preferences. From the atmospheric cafés and bars in the capital, Ermoupolis, to the beaches of Galissas, and Poseidonia all the way to Ano Syros with its romantic pool bars overlooking... read more

Athens Spotlighted

  • Aug 23,2016

Athens International Airport with the support of the city guide magazine "Athinorama", welcomes you to the "athenspotlighted" programme! [su_video url="" width="680" height="360" autoplay="yes"] Be on the Spot... read more


  • Feb 12,2016

First mentioned in 1678 by the traveller Spohn as one of Athens’ eight original neighbourhoods, Psyrri is one of the city’s oldest and most historic areas. Framed by Athinas, Ermou, Pireos, and Evripidou Streets, it was established under Ottoman occupation, after Athens was selected as the capital... read more


  • Feb 12,2016

The sea breeze has always made Piraeus a special place to visit. Greece’s largest port is well worth exploring, and there’s no better way than by strolling along streets of Peiraiki, Freatyda, Pasalimani and Kastella. In neighbouring Zea, home to some of Attica’s most lavish yachts and sailing... read more


  • Feb 12,2016

Formed after the liberation of Athens from the Turkish occupation, Exarhia was one of the first new districts established in the city. Located at the foot of Strefi hill, the district is bounded by Ippokratous, Kallidromiou, Bouboulinas and Solonos Streets. Previously known as Pytharadika, after the laboratories... read more


  • Feb 12,2016

This prestigious district near the terminus of the metro line has always been one of the city’s most important commercial districts. Located 15 kilometres north-east of Athens, this suburb was established in the late 19th century as a countryside resort for the Athenian upper class. Since then it has become... read more


  • Feb 12,2016

Known in ancient times as Aixone, Glyfada was renowned for the red-mullet fishing off the coast. Located 15 kilometres southeast of Athens, the coastal suburb of Glyfada is one of the region’s major marketplaces. Lying parallel to the tram lines, the central commercial district is surrounded by a number... read more


  • Feb 12,2016

Just a five-minute walk from the Parliament Building, Kolonaki Square is set in one of Athens’ oldest and most prestigious districts. Attracting a host of locals, tourists and business people, Kolonaki is the main hang-out for politicians, journalists and high society. With stores offering brand-name... read more

The Ermou Pedestrian Street

  • Feb 3,2016

Ermou Street is a thriving pedestrian destination with a great history. Combining modern commercial activity with the function of an old town main street, the Ermou pedestrian street starts to the west of Syntagma Square and leads to Monastiraki. Its bustling sidewalks are lined with large stores, boutique... read more

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