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A trip to Greece is never complete if you don’t get to know the country’s tradition, festivals, customs, folk and traditional music, if you don’t see its costumes and dances.

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The new aspect of tourism, Sitia Geopark

  • May 12,2021

When the Sitia region became a member of the UNESCO Geopark family, we had no idea just how much positive change this would bring! This new aspect of tourism “Sitia Geopark”, is proving to be a considerable point of interest, especially in the alternative tourism market. The natural environment... read more

Customs and Festivals of Naxos

  • Oct 23,2018

Music, dancing with traditional costumes, songs, arts, feasts and festivals are part of the Naxian daily life. The island is famous all over Greece for its rich musical tradition and there are important composers/musicians from Naxos, including Konitopouleoi, Fyrogenides, Stamatonanolides, Vrontogiorgides,... read more

The Rethymno Carnival 2018 BEGINS!!

  • Jan 30,2018

Rethymno’s Carnival 2018 has just begun, calling everyone to "Be your Best Self"!! On Saturday, January 27th, 2018, the Carnival events of 2018 have officially started with a magnificent ceremony, followed by an unforgettable party at the Unknown Soldier Square, with thousands of people from all over... read more

Agia Kyriaki festival

  • Jun 6,2017

The whole island of Delos – the best preserved ancient city in Greece – has been declared an archaeological site and any visit to it has to conform to certain rules and regulations. No one is permitted to stay on the island in the late afternoon to enjoy the sunset and spending the night there is even... read more

Virgin Mary’s feast on Tragonisi

  • Jun 6,2017

In just a few lines Michalis Kounenis from Mykonos, known as Babelis, the top bagpipe player of the Cyclades, paints a loving picture of the feast of Tragonisi. The church of the Virgin Mary’s feast day falls on that of Saints Barnabas and Bartholomew, the 11th of June. Departing from Kalafatis,... read more

The festivals of Mykonos

  • Jun 6,2017

My friends are rendered speechless, those who will listen to me at least, when I tell them that the festivals of Mykonos are among the most vibrant in the Aegean. They can’t grasp that behind the ‘lifestyle’ façade of the island lies authenticity and that the people of Mykonos still value their... read more

The Religious Fete in Honor of Konstantinos...

  • Jun 6,2017

A landscape of riotously grown plane trees, flowing springs and small vegetable groves and vineyards growing supported by dry-stone walls is the scenery housing the village of Komiaki in Naxos built in amphitheatric fashion at 550 above sea level overlooking the Icarian Sea. The village had 2,000 inhabitants... read more

Fistiki Festival

  • May 29,2017

Under the imaginative title “Hold on my beloved pistachio tree” a daily workshop was held in 2008 on the initiative of the residents of Aegina. Serving as a stage for presenting inter alia the valuable experience of Bronte, a pistachio-producing town in Sicily, this event gave rise to the establishment... read more

Panigyri of Agia Matrona

  • Apr 3,2017

The church of Agia (Saint) Matrona with its characteristic palm tree lies to the east of the main street in Phoenikia on Santorini and was built in 1859 by Frangisko Plati, a shipowner from Oia. In the old days Phoenikia was the farmers’ quarter of Oia. But here one also found the kanaves (cellars)... read more

Rethymno Carnival 2017

  • Feb 8,2017

The Carnival celebration ends with the Ash Monday on the 27th of February. The Greeks leave behind every sinful attitude and non-fasting foods to prepare their bodies and souls for the Orthodox Easter. On Ash Monday we throw the traditional “Koulouma” based on the Greek Orthodox monks diet, a festive... read more

Traditional Park Dimaki

  • May 30,2016

Traditional Park Dimaki is located in the picturesque village of Theologos, only one hour away from the capital city of Athens (120km). Visitors are able to relax in an environment that revives the old customs of Central Greece. A guide will show you the old, traditional way of living in the hut,... read more

The Carnival of Patra

  • Jan 21,2016

Patra, the capital of the prefecture of Achaea, is without doubt a city with great history and many interesting places for one to discover during a visit. However to the majority of the people the city is best known for its Carnival, which, is, admittedly, the biggest and most impressive carnival out of the dozens... read more

Great Days of Nemea

  • Jan 21,2016

For the town Nemea, the beginning of fall is a celebration! It is the grape harvest! Every year at the beginning of September, a three-day celebration of Nemea’s wine producers, called “Great Days of Nemea” is organized. This event is organized by the Municipality of Nemea and the Nemea Union of Wine... read more

Saitopolemos (The Shuttle War) – Kalamata

  • Jan 20,2016

Every year, on the evening of Easter Sunday at 8.30pm on the western beach of Kalamata, at the old slaughterhouses, the locals revive the tradition of Saitopolemos. This peculiar local custom dates back centuries, during the Turkish occupation, when the Greeks displayed great heroism, as well as resourcefulness,... read more

The Peloponnesian Equestrian Games – Show...

  • Jan 20,2016

The 13th Peloponnesian Equestrian Games – Show Jumping were successfully conducted in Kalamata in 2012. This is a major equestrian event organized for the 4th consecutive time by the Kalamata Equestrian Club. The games took place in the club’s facilities, which boast the necessary infrastructure... read more

“The Routes of the Olive Tree” – Messinia

  • Jan 20,2016

“The Routes of the Olive Tree” is a cultural, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization based in Kalamata. Its activities began in 1998, with the aim of promoting the culture of the olive through a series of activities and collaborations. The starting point was ancient Pylos; not a random choice,... read more

Chestnut Festival – Kastanitsa, Arcadia

  • Jan 20,2016

Every October the village of Kastanitsa, Arcadia, organizes the famous Chestnut Festival, which aims to bring out this product, with its great nutritional value and multiple commercial capabilities.The custom of celebrating the chestnut began in 1983 and has been taking place every year since then. The celebrations... read more

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