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We are very happy that for the first time we are able to present the nature of Greece, its exceptional landscapes and unparalleled beauty to visitors from all over the world! With very important partners on our side, like the “Greek Society for the Conservation of Nature”, “ARCTUROS”, “MOm” and “ARCHELON”, we explore the accessible trails, lakes, rivers, forests, we meet the animals – but most of all, we spread our protective hand over the wildlife of Greece: the unique animals living in our country.

In this category and on GreeceNAtour page, visit the wild animals from home!

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The new aspect of tourism, Sitia Geopark

  • May 12,2021

When the Sitia region became a member of the UNESCO Geopark family, we had no idea just how much positive change this would bring! This new aspect of tourism “Sitia Geopark”, is proving to be a considerable point of interest, especially in the alternative tourism market. The natural environment... read more

Equitrek Attica

  • Jun 17,2020

We are a Greek equine tourism and recreation business based just one hour outside the city of Athens in Atticas historical area of Marathonas. We offer a vary of equine activities and experiential workshops also horseback holidays, combined outdoor activities and tour packages. Our horses are part... read more

Truffle Hunting at Meteora

  • Feb 28,2019

The Natural History Museum of Meteora and Mushroom Museum, during its effort to create alternative touristic activities, that showcase our nature’s wealth, is organizing and hosting truffle hunting activities in cooperation with travel offices. Special trained truffle dogs with their trainer are searching... read more

The mount and cave of Zas

  • Oct 23,2018

This is the highest peak of Naxos, usually covered with clouds and named Myti of Za (Nose of Zeus).  It has namely the name of Zeus and maybe this was also its name in the antiquity, as they used to worship the father of gods on this very mountain. The archaic inscription carved on a rock in the path... read more

Naxos wetlands

  • Oct 23,2018

The small wetlands, salt marshes and dunes of Naxos are a haven for birds, fish and reptiles. The most important wetland is that of Alyki which comprises a large lake southwest of the airport runway. It is the largest salt lake in the Cyclades and retains enough water. The vegetation includes reeds,... read more

Agia Eirini, Chios

  • Mar 28,2018

Agia Eirini beach lies between the villages Elata and Mesta in the southwest side of the island, six kilometres from the port of Mesta. It is a calm, quiet beach, with thin sand surrounded by heavy greenery. A small shelter for local fishermen has been built in the bay. The small church of Agia Eirini... read more

Agia Dynami, Chios

  • Mar 28,2018

Another beautiful beach near Olympoi village is the bay of Agia Dynami or Agia Theodosia. The waters have a unique emerald colour and incredible clarity. It is a secluded beach, mostly. Swimming there is a unique experience. Information Access by road: Yes Amenities:  Access by bus: No Accessible... read more

Anthidon Estate

  • Jan 12,2018

In the Anthidona region, first mentioned by Homer in the Iliad, you will find the ANTHIDON ESTATE. Set amphitheatrically, the estate blends in completely with the uniqueness of the scenery, combining a breathtaking mountainous and sea landscape with α stunning panoramic view of the Evoikos gulf.... read more

Agios Ioannis beach

  • Aug 1,2017

Services Length (in meters): 200 Exposed to winds: Winds NW, Winds S.SW Soil Type: Sandy, Pebbly Sea Type: Shallow Waters Bight: No Isolated: No Parking: Yes Organised: No Populous: No Cafe / Restaurant: Yes Showers: No See watersports centers in Lefkada... read more

Porto Katsiki beach

  • Aug 1,2017

A strip of pure white sand at the foot of a towering white rock: the picture is familiar as it was awarded the prize of the loveliest beach in Greece and appears on posters promoting tourism. To get there you go down a steep path with a hundred steps from the parking lot (with plenty of canteens) or by caique... read more

Lygia beach

  • Aug 1,2017

The beaches of the eastern side begin just after the picturesque harbour of Lygia which is 6 km from Lefkada town. As far as Nydri (17 km from town) you will find countless and quiet beach spots. The scenery is striking, especially in the Nikiana area and the greenery reaches almost to the water’s... read more

Kathisma beach

  • Aug 1,2017

Once the favourite of campers and nudists, it is today Lefkada’s most cosmopolitan seashore, organized with umbrellas, loungers, beach bar and restaurants. The sand is white and pebbly, the sea blue-green. Take care however!When the northwesterly wind is strong the waves are high and it is best not to attempt... read more

Egkremnoi beach

  • Aug 1,2017

A famous beach 2 km long surrounded by impressive cliffs, considered one of the best of the Mediterranean. The landscape resembles the Caribbean, the water a transparent aquamarine and pristine. There is a canteen beyond the parking lot and another on the beach, which is at the bottom of the 350 steps... read more

Agiofylli beach

  • Aug 1,2017

One of the island’s best, in a very pretty cove to the left of Vassiliki. The waters are a pure blue-green. You can take the little boat from Vassiliki or go along the path beginning from the southeastern side. Services Length (in meters): 250 Exposed to winds: Winds N, Winds S Soil... read more

Agios Nikitas beach

  • Aug 1,2017

The small beach with pure waters of the village of the same name, in front of the cafes and tavernas, it is preferred by families. On the left, between Mylos and Aghios Nikitas there is another stunning beach, Ammoudoula, accessible only by swimming to it, where the cave Fokotrypa stands. Services ... read more

Psaropoula beach

  • Jul 31,2017

The long sandy beach of the western coast of the island starts just after the Aquarium, within the town of Rhodes and is extended along the Leros Coast, Kalymnos Coast, Miaoulis Coast and Kanaris Coast, is better known as Psaropoula, the old name of the central and better organized part of it. As it happens... read more

Fanes beach

  • Jul 31,2017

The tiny beach beside the small scenic port of Fanes is situated some 22 kilometers southwestern to the town of Rhodes, at the western coast of the island. Accommodation facilities are available at the nearby tourist resorts of the northwestern coast. The beach and the small port beside it will offer... read more

Faliraki beach

  • Jul 31,2017

Faliraki is universally famous for its night life and has one of the most beautiful and well organized beaches on the island. The beach is almost 4 km long with lots of restaurants, snack bars, cafes and if you like sea sports you will find almost anything you want on this beach. There are great hotel... read more

Traganou beach

  • Jul 31,2017

It's 15 km south east from the city of Rhodes and 4 km away from Faliraki. Most of this beach is not organized but in some parts of it you can find umbrellas and deck chairs. If you visit it don't forget to look for the cave which is at the end of the beach. Services Length (in meters): 1200 ... read more

Stegna beach

  • Jul 31,2017

Only half a mile away from Archaggelos village, Stegna is an ideal destination for locals and visitors. There are few taverns and rooms where you can stay and by the beach you can rent umbrellas, deck chairs and enjoy the fun of sea sports. It's 29 km away from the city of Rhodes. Services Length... read more

Soroni beach

  • Jul 31,2017

The beach of Soroni is situated at the western coast of the island, at a distance of some 25 kilometers southwestern to the town of Rhodes. It is a pebbly beach and the sea is usually wavy and deepens brusquely. The beach is not much organized and only few visitors come here as, due to the vicinity to the airport,... read more

Reni Koskinou beach

  • Jul 31,2017

The excellent beach of Reni (Koskinou) is situated at a distance of some 8 kilometers far from the town of Rhodes and some 4,5 kilometers northeastern to the scenic inland village of Koskinou. It is a beach very close to the town of Rhodes with nice sand, lovely sea and many facilities for accommodation,... read more

Ialyssos beach

  • Jul 31,2017

This is probably one of the most organized beaches on the island of Rhodes, with many hotels by the seashore and many athletic foundations.This beach is one of the surfers' favorites because it is windy and the waters are quite deep.This beach has everything: restaurants, mini markets and cafes. It is very... read more

Elli beach

  • Jul 31,2017

Being one of the most popular Greek beaches among photographers, the beach of Rhodes still offers something of its cosmopolitan aspect from the 70's, and is one of the most visited beaches on the island. Hundreds of tourists and locals visit the beach daily. It defies one's powers of imagination to conceive... read more

Antony Quinn beach

  • Jul 31,2017

This beach is located in Vagies, a small, quiet bay, and it's the most famous beach in Rhodes. The shooting of the movie 'The Guns of Navarone' made this beach famous and Antony Quinn, the star of this film, gave his name to the beach. Its one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and is fairly... read more

Elouda beach

  • Jul 20,2017

The nice sandy beach northern to the small port of Elounda is situated at a distance of 11 kilometers far from Aghios Nicolaos at the North, and 70 -77 kilometers eastern to the International Airport of Heraklion, via the New or the Old National road respectively. Protected by the Spinalonga peninsula,... read more

Voulisma beach

  • Jul 20,2017

Voulisma is the second of the three bays in the beautiful village Istron, about 12km east of Agios Nikolaos and 22km north of Ierapetra. The Voulisma Beach or Golden Sands is located approximately 500m from the village (east). Its length is about 700m and is the largest municipal beach of Kalo Chorio.Voulisma... read more

Missiria beach

  • Jul 20,2017

Situated 3 kilometers far from Rethymnon at the East, the beach of Missiria is a beautiful long sandy beach, affected by the "meltemia"(northern summer winds). It is rather well organised with accommodation facilities, taverns and cafes. Some facilities for swimming and sunbathing (sunbeds, umbrellas)... read more

Episkopi beach

  • Jul 20,2017

Episkopi beach is located approximately 12 km to the west from Rethymno city and 2 km the south from the of Episkopi settlement in Rethymno prefecture. The Mousela River is the west border of Episkopi beach and the east border is a river that flows through the Petre gorge, next to the bridge of martens.... read more

Adele beach

  • Jul 20,2017

The Adele beach is located in a homonym valley in Rethymno prefecture, approximately 8 km from Rethymno city. In front of the Adele valley there is a huge sanded beach of Adele extending to the Skaleta region. The Adele beach is shallow, but usually wavy enough, like all the northern beaches of Crete.... read more

Plakias beach

  • Jul 20,2017

Plakias beach is located in homonym settlement almost 40 km to the south of Rethymno in Rethymno prefecture.Plakias beach, 1,3 km in length, ends in a tall, smooth, limestone cliff on its east side. The nudists are hiding beneath this cliff during the summer season. Sandy and very well organized, Plakias... read more

Damnoni beach

  • Jul 20,2017

Damnoni beach can be found near the village Spili of the Rethymno prefecture, 35 km to the south of Rethymno city and few kilometers from Plakias. A white-sanded, 600 meters long Damnoni beach is located right outside a big valley, near a small river, surrounded by tall mountains. The west side of Damnoni... read more

Stalos Rema beach

  • Jul 20,2017

Stalos is an excellent sandy beach located in the coastal settlement of Kato Stalos, seven kilometers west of Chania, between Kalamaki and Agia Marina. Stalos is a developed area and attracts a large number of visitors every summer, because it is so close to Chania and you can get there by regular bus service.... read more

Nea Chora beach

  • Jul 20,2017

The sandy beach of Nea Chora is close to Chania – just one kilometer away from the city center – and you can get there on foot in 15 minutes. The beach of Nea Chora is long, with golden sand, a few rocks and blue shallow waters and it is very well organized. Due to its proximity to Chania, the suburb... read more

Marathi beach

  • Jul 20,2017

The coast in Marathi consists of two wonderful beaches, side by side, with white sand and shallow turquoise waters. There are two fully organized beaches, which are almost always windless, unlike other beaches of northern Crete. The beaches of Marathi are separated by a small port and its pier. Marathi... read more

Loutraki beach

  • Jul 20,2017

The beach of Loutraki is located in the homonymous seaside resort 16 km east of Chania town, near the military base at Souda. Loutraki is a closed bay between hills, surrounded by rocky coasts. The sandy beach of Loutraki has clear water and is very well organized, as it has all the necessary tourist... read more

Kalamaki beach

  • Jul 20,2017

Kalamaki Beach lies in the homonymous seaside resort that is part of the village of Galatas located six kilometers west of the city of Chania. Kalamaki has fine sand and shallow waters. It is a very well organized beach and there you will find umbrellas, showers, lifeguard services, accommodation, food... read more

Kalathas Akrotiriou beach

  • Jul 20,2017

Kalathas is a small natural bay on the Akrotiri peninsula, northwest of Chania. The settlement of Kalathas is located 14 kilometers away from the city and 10 km away from Chania International Airport. Kalathas is actually a new settlement created mainly by those who wanted to live a little outside of Chania.... read more

Chrisi Akti beach

  • Jul 20,2017

Very close to the center of Chania is the beach Chrisi Akti. It essentially consists of two sandy beaches, which are separated by a small hill. The westernmost is the main beach, which is theone called Chrisi Akti, while the eastern one is called Aptera. You can reach it either by urban bus, or by foot... read more

Agios Onoufrios beach

  • Jul 20,2017

The beach of Agios Onoufrios is a quiet beach, located in a protected bay at the homonymous village of Akrotiri. Agios Onoufrios is located 8 km north of Chania and near Kounoupidiana which is why it is a suburb of Chania. The beach is pebbly, not very organized and mostly preferred by the residents... read more

Platanias beach

  • Jul 20,2017

Platanias beach is a lovely huge beach along which stand many hotels of all categories and the entire usual tourist infrastructure. Platanias beach is the main beach of the homonymous seaside tourist resort of Crete, a settlement located 11 kilometers west of the city of Chania. The area around the beach... read more

Agioi Apostoloi beaches

  • Jul 20,2017

The two beaches of Agioi Apostoloi are located three kilometers west of Chania. In fact, it is two sandy beaches, two “twin” bays in a developed tourist area. The western beach of Agioi Apostoloi is the first bay that is next to the beach of Glaros. It is a beautiful sandy beach and offers all the amenities.... read more

Kolimvari Beach

  • Jul 20,2017

Kolimvari Beach is the huge sandy beach in front of the homonymous village located 24 km west of Chania.Kolimvari beach is organized and stretches for several kilometers. It has deep wavy waters, as almost all the beaches of northern Crete. Although the coast is mostly sandy, in some places you will... read more

Gerani beach

  • Jul 19,2017

The stunning Gerani beach is situated in front of the beautiful village of Gerani, 13 km west of Chania, between the beaches of Maleme and Platanias.Gerani beach is two and a half kilometers long with golden sand and crystal blue waters. Next to the coast you will find many tourist facilities. Gerani... read more

Maleme beach

  • Jul 19,2017

The beach of Maleme, the historic village of Crete, extends to a length of about one kilometer and is actually an extension of the long beach of Platanias. It is just 18 km away from the city of Chania. The beach of Maleme with crystal clear waters is mainly sandy, but in some places the coast has pebbles.... read more

Mavros Molos beach

  • Jul 19,2017

Mavros Molos is the main beach, located right in front of the coastal road in Kissamos and is 36 kilometers away from the city of Chania. At the most popular beach in the area you will find golden sand, shallow waters and trees. Mavros Molos is an organized beach where you will find umbrellas and sun beds.... read more

Drapanias beach

  • Jul 19,2017

Drapanias beach is located between Korfalonas and Nopigia, five kilometers east of Kissamos and 32 km west of Chania. It was named after the village Drapanias which is just one kilometer away from the beach. The western edge of this coast is called Kokino Metoxi.Drapanias beach – and all neighboring... read more

Pachia Ammos beach

  • Jul 19,2017

Pachia Ammos is the main beach of Paleochora and as you can see from its name (Thick Sand), it is its sand makes the difference! Pachia Ammos is an organized beach with fine white sand located on the west side of Paleochora, 79 km at south of Chania. The coast has a length of one kilometer and this makes... read more

Kyani Akti beach (Kyani Côte)

  • Jul 19,2017

In Souda , one kilometer from the village Kalyves , of the municipality of Apokoronas and 17 kilometers east of the city of Chania lays the Kyani Côte, which is about two kilometers. Kyani Côte is sandy, with crystal clear waters and has tourist infrastructure, but not in its entire length. It is popular... read more

Almyrida beach

  • Jul 19,2017

Almyrida are the two sandy beaches separated by a rocky peninsula with shallow turquoise waters, located in the tourist resort of Almyrida. The area is located 23 km east of Chania and is very close to the picturesque village Plaka. The beaches in Almyrida are ideal for children. They are well organized... read more

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