piraeus3The sea breeze has always made Piraeus a special place to visit. Greece’s largest port is well worth exploring, and there’s no better way than by strolling along streets of Peiraiki, Freatyda, Pasalimani and Kastella.

In neighbouring Zea, home to some of Attica’s most lavish yachts and sailing boats, you can enjoy an afternoon coffee or ouzo. Within short walking distance of Zea, the picturesque port of Mikrolimano, with its waterfront tavernas serving the freshest fish dishes, will give you that incomparable Greek-island feeling.

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Piraeus offers much more than great food. The shops lining its streets are a testament to its long commercial history. Fashion boutiques dominate the shopping scene, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a greater variety of clothes, shoes and accessories.

Given the tiring nature of shopping, start your excursion with a freshly baked koulouri from sellers roaming the city from Iroon Polytechniou to Sotiros Dios Street.

Along the central thoroughfares of Iroon Polytechniou, Vassileos Georgiou and Grigoriou Lambraki, you’ll find many famous-brand shops as well as stores that offer more affordable gifts. Iroon Polytechniou is the main drag in Pireaus, playing home to the grand Dimotiko Theatro. The largest commercial street is Sotiros Dios, which starts at the port and ends at Pasalimani and has a pedestrian zone.

Clothing shops line the street and you’ll always find something in your price range. Many smaller streets (Kolokotroni, Karaiskou, Praxitelous, Alkiviadou and Ypsilandou) intersect this pedestrian zone and all offer great shopping.

Shoe shopping on a tight budget? You’ll find a wide variety of footwear on Filonos Street, while the seaside street along the port is perfect for souvenirs. If jewellery is your thing, Vassileos Georgiou Street, which starts from Aghia Triada and ends at the Dimotiko Theatro, offers many shops with fine items in silver or gold.

piraeus1On the stretch from Korai Square to Grigoriou Lambraki Boulevard you’ll find top-quality clothes, shoes and accessories. On Grigoriou Lambraki Boulevard, clothing shops give way to stores selling household items, such as carpets, rugs and electrical appliances.

Tsamadou Street is another destination and just a stone’s throw from Dimotiko Theatro. Here you’ll find a variety of shops selling everything from clothes and books to spices and travel accessories.

You’ll find the great Pireaus Food Market on the corner of Gounari Street and Tsamadou Street, which offers a wide variety of meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, spices and medicinal herbs. Take a break at Korai Square, where you’ll find delightful cafés, pizzerias and traditional tavernas.

Source: www.athensattica.gr

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