Graviera of Naxos

Graviera Naxou, a cheese with a sweet buttery flavour, is one of the best Greek graviera cheeses and is considered to be one of Greece’s most beloved table cheeses. Graviera Naxou means graviera of Naxos. In Greek, the word graviera is a transliteration of the Swiss gruyere. Recently added in the rich tapestry of Greek cheeses, graviera was made for the first time in the 20th century in the region of the Peloponnese and soon became known in the hinterland and in Grete where cheese makers succeeded... διαβάστε περισσότερα

Traditional cuisine of Naxos

Citrus groves, vegetable farms, pasturelands, the olive groves of Tragea, the vineyards at the northern part of the island; the goods provided by the fertile nature of Naxos on the one hand and the produce of the farmers inhabiting the mountain villages of Filoti and Apeiranthos (calf, goats and sheep, dairy products, oil, olives, grapes, honey, citrus fruits, potatoes and other vegetables) on the other hand have formed through their longstanding presence the traditional cuisine of Naxos. Even... διαβάστε περισσότερα

Bougatsa Iordanis

In Chania, at the bougatsa shop of Iordanis, tables are populated since dawn with Chaniots and people who have just arrived from near-by villages to feast on their favourite bougatsa served on small zinc dishes. Inspired rhyming verse inscriptions on the walls (sometimes even Cretan couplets) testify that this joint is one of people’s favourites. “Whenever I come to Chania, I get those sugar cravings. Eating one whole baking pan of bougatsa Iordanis is the only way to tame them (one baking... διαβάστε περισσότερα

Dishes of Crete

Maggiri The Cretan maggiri is a fresh pasta that resembles a very wide noddle. The pasta dough is rolled out and cut into small squares. Half the pasta is boiled in lamb broth and half pan-fried. Pasta pieces are mixed together and served with anthotyros cheese. This is an exquisite combination of a crunchy and juicy pasta. I tasted maggiri at the Kritamon Restaurant of Dimitris Mavrakis in the village of Archanes in Crete. Cretan mezedes, the accompaniment to raki Mezedes (pl. for mezes)... διαβάστε περισσότερα

Vavourakis Farm

On the island of Crete, apaki (cured pork), a unique Cretan delicacy, is produced by butchers and many well-known processed meat factories, such as Lambrakis, Markakis and Antonakis. Out of those significant local producers, I chose to meet Michalis Vavourakis, a mechanical engineer from Rethymno. Driven by his love for nature and this faith on organic farming and livestock, Michalis Vavourakis, a man that has adopted a philosophical approach to life, decided to dedicate himself to organic pig raising... διαβάστε περισσότερα

Dinapoja liqueur

Kaiti Dinapoja Dinapoja cottage industry in Heraklion, Crete, produces liqueur and syrups.The story behind Dinapoja is the personal story of Kaiti Dinapoja whose life changed without a warning in her early fifties. It was two personal unfortunate events that urged Kaiti to make a drastic change in her life. “If you are 50 years old facing serious health problems and you get a divorce, if you lose a prosperous life and all of a sudden you realize that you haven’t got a penny in your pocket,... διαβάστε περισσότερα

Boutari Winery in Skalani

The Boutari Winery in Crete is built outside Skalani village, on the Fantaxometocho Estate, at 8 km kilometers from the centre of Heraklion city. This winery is really the gem of the viticultural zone of Archanes. Fantaxometocho Estate or otherwise called “the settlement of the ghosts” (this second name explains the meaning of the word fantaxometocho) owes its name to the efforts made by the former owner to save the estate from the pirates’ raids by spreading the rumor that the estate was filled... διαβάστε περισσότερα

Sorros Dairy Farm

Located one breath away from Athens, the Saronic Golf Islands have become a popular holiday destination, mostly for the Athenians. Thus, except for tourism, there are hardly any other professional activities developed and namely in the primary sector. The Sorros dairy farm in Aegina, of a family with a long tradition in meat and dairy products, is a shining exception to this rule. Nektarios, the father, is responsible for the cattle. Epistimi, the mother, runs the butcher shop that is located... διαβάστε περισσότερα

Philippos Hellenic Goods

What happens when a company brings together the Swiss rationalism and professionalism, the Greek way of looking at life – remaining unaltered for centuries -, the quality of life in Greece, fantasy and creativity? The answer is quite simple; a very successful business, a little gem – showcase of European entrepreneurship -, a company celebrating the successful synthesis of Greece’s long-term legacy in producing olive oil- olive trees caressed by Greece’s ample sunlight and its unique climate... διαβάστε περισσότερα

Eleni Kypraiou

I met Eleni Kypraiou during an event – actually during the filming of “Elliniko Proino” (Greek Breakfast) TV programme dedicated to the island of Aegina. Fascinated by Eleni’s interventions and her radiant personality, further to her invitation to visit her estate, next thing I knew, I found myself in Aegina early dawn on the very next day. At her mansion, over coffee served with delicious goodies, I learned that Eleni’s grandparents came from the island of Hydra and that, as a compensation... διαβάστε περισσότερα