Creation and Entertainment in THEATER for tourist groups

What do tourists see when they come to Greece?

Which side do they know and what they take with them as a memory?

Only ancient monuments of a civilization that belongs to all humanity?

A tremendous mythology, tradition and history?

And their acquaintance with modern Greek creation, what is it exactly?

A theater has developed a whole program specifically for the tourist groups (students and not only) that includes performances, workshops, acts, with the full participation of the visitors, with talks and discussions with the actors and offers it to the Travel Agencies and Agencies looking for a more quality guided tour of their group.

It is TOPOS ALLOU Theatre, which has created organized events either in its own theater or elsewhere (Hotels, inside and outside Athens) in the building of creative and original events, in days and hours set by the tourist offices, according to the tour group program.

These events are presented in English or in French.

With a focus on the performance “ATRIDES / ANCIENT PATHOS” (in English), workshops (masks, acting etc) are organized, which lead to small performances on the stage, with the participation of the audience and the actors. The results are amazing. The group leave excited because they were in a welcoming warm atmosphere, they saw a high-level show, participated in a creative event where it met Greek artists, spoke to them about Greek culture, theater and mythology, built with its own hands something he took with him in his country.

The performance ATRIDES / Ancient Passion is a spectacular composition of top scenes of our three tragedies, which make up the whole story of Atrides house. The contemporary directional view, the use of video in giant screens, the original music, the acting of the actors, make the theatrical experience unique. Full of potential conflict, the show, at a rapid pace, does not tire the spectators and keeps their interest alive. (Duration: 1 hour)

The performance starts from the sacrifice of Iphigeneia, until Orestes acquitted and the establishment of democracy.


  1. Mask construction: with simple materials, the visitor build a mask under the guidance of a specialized professional dressmaker
  2. Acting and theatrical improvisation: As a participatory game with the guidance of a professional filmmaker and actor, a scene where performers enter the process of “playing” a role.
  3. Tailor made workshops: Depending on the needs of each group in consultation with the Tourist Office and the Teachers (in the case of student groups), TOPOS ALLOU theater creates interesting projects on many topics

Contact us and ask for the full detailed program, performances and seminars. TOPOS ALLOU Theater is at your disposal to discuss your own special program and the requirements of each group individually.


17,str. Kefallinias, Athens

0030 2108656004

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